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Deceptive Packaging!

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I was at the billing counter of my local supermarket this morning when a plastic bowl filled with little brown packages caught my eye. They looked suspiciously like small  round Diwali bombs that go off with a huge bang. But the festival of lights – Diwali is still some time away and my supermarket does not generally stock firecrackers… So I looked deeper and found that they were dry fruit laddus each one wrapped separately in brown paper (as shown in the pic) and tied with white string. Not little bombs after all but power packed dry fruit laddus made of dates, badam, cashew nuts, cardamom, ghee and jaggery! The yellow band around the centre said ‘Lakshwadeep fruits laddu’. I was fascinated enough to pick up one of them to try at home later. But the packaging  is so cute that I haven’t opened it as yet!


Fasting and Feasting during Eid – MM Road

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MM road which cuts across Mosque road in Frazer Town is all abuzz with food stalls being set up along the length of the street. The month of Ramzan – religious festival of the muslims. On offer are many Indian delicacies like  Hyderabadi haleem, varieties of biryani, Light pink falooda with the seeds bobbing in the liquid, samosas, phirni

Some stalls were decorated with rows of Indian flags – as Independence day had just gone past. One food stall had the name – Hyderabadi Haleem  Master Chef complete with the master chef logo n’ all.

So it was quite a nice experience walking down the street taking in the smells and sounds  around us.

Mushroom Fest at Bene – Sheraton, Bangalore

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The Italian restaurant Bene at the Sheraton, Bangalore hosts a food festival – Mushroom Fiesta. The regular menu has pizzas, pastas,and other main-courses and deserts.

The team at Bene have really gone all out  for this fest and the menu featured several exotic dishes like Open face ravioli with mushrooms, Butter sauteed mushrooms with coffee soil, Pizza fungi delight among several others. One could also spice up any dish from the regular menu with mushrooms. The type of musrooms used ranged from common varieties like Button and Oyster mushrooms, to the more exotic Porcini, Morel and Chanterelles. We sampled risotto and pasta flavoured with these different types of mushrooms. And it was interesting to see how the taste and flavour of the dish changed by altering the mushroom used. The Porcini Mushroom Pasta in white really stood out for.  It had a nutty flavour, smooth texture and was light and creamy.  Pizzas topped with Morel and Oyster mushrooms were served next – this was not bad.  An Oyster Mushroom pasta that we tried was also quite nice We ended on a fairly high note with an exquisite Tiramisu –  the flavours of chocolate, mocha, liqeour and cream blending bleanding well, creating a symphony of their own!

About me and my blog!

I am a complete and total foodie! I love good food, I love movies and books too, but that’s another story (or maybe another blog). I have bursts of inspiration when I dive into the kitchen and experiment with different ingredients to come up with something new and exciting. Disastrous and not-so exciting often results. But I do turn out these ‘gems of gastronomic delight’ once in a way. But the bottom line is that I am persevering and plan to keep at it !

What tops my list is biryani, chat (bhel, papdi, pani puri you name it), I love Mexican food, Chinese too and the Devils Food Cake at Sunny’s on lavelle road.

So what you’l find on this blog are food reviews, recipes, chef interviews, secret sauces, food events around the city and loads of other stuff. I am also interested in healthy eating without compromising on taste and flavour – so you may see a dash of that here and there.

A bit more about myself – I have written quite extensively about food – restaurant reviews, food festivals and other similar events for well known publications in India.

For any queries you can reach me at Hope you enjoy browsing and reading through this blog as much as I enjoy posting on it !