Chef To The Gods….

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Its that time of the year when you see beautiful clay idols of Lord Ganesha lining the streets of several markets across the city – Colourful Ganeshas, earthy brown mud ones with a just a touch of gold paint and several other forms of the wise ‘remover of obstacles’. These street shops spring up just a few days before Ganesh Chathurthi – Lord Ganesha’s birthday. During this festival we invite the mighty and wise elephant headed God to our homes to bless us with his presence and partake of our hospitality. For me Ganesh Puja days usually starts around 5:30 AM. Cleaning up, and making what are known to be Ganeshas favourite foods kozhattai, chickpeas sundal and vadai, payasam. And as I was cooking this morning I wondered who had designated me as Chef to the Gods?! Quite an honour that… ‘Coz Ganesh Chathurthi is definitely a food centric festival with some sweets like kozhakattai (rice dumplings stuffed with jaggery, cocnut, sesame seeds) which are made only during this time of the year. This is also known as ‘modak’ and is supposed to be on of Ganesha’s favourite foods. Other favourites include sweets made with til, ladoos, certain types of fruits and ‘kheer’ made with sevai or even with rice.

So wish you a very Happy Ganesh Chathurthi and I will continue to enjoy playing Chef to the Gods, if only for a few days!


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