Interactive Cooking Sessions

Food demos at restaurants across the city seem to have really caught on. We attended one recently at Bene, the Italian restaurant at the Sheraton Hotel where the Chef showed us how to cook different kinds of Pasta and Risottos.  These cooking sessions are usually short (2 – 4 hours) where you learn how to make around 3 dishes – a main course, dessert and soup, or salads and soups etc. within that time frame. You also get some useful general cooking tips from the chef. These courses are interesting, easy to attend and usually quite alot of fun.  And nowadays you even see many men attending these cooking demos/sessions taking notes as the Chef stirs a steaming Risotto or some other such dish!!

Toscano at UB City conducts food demos once every month, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Details of the next one below –

Date – 17 October, 2012

Time – 10AM – 12PM

Venue – Toscano, UB City

Recipes – Risotto both veg and non-veg, Salad Dressings and a Signature Dessert

The cost is Rs.700 + taxes and includes a 3 course lunch from the menu post the session as well as a welcome drink, pastries and coffee when you come in. Preferable to call before and book your slot as they tend to fill up fast.


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    • Yeh that’s true! But they do give some very useful tips on general stuff as well. I’ve gone for a couple of these at Toscano and they are really good. They go step by step and very interactive and everyone’s involved and the chefs very down to earth and friendly and there are no silly questions.

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