Delizioso – The Italian Food Fest

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Bene the Italian restaurant at the Sheraton Hotel presents ‘DELIZIOSO – The Italian Food Fest’.  The food at this fest is from the Lombardy region of Italy. Lombardy is bordered by Switzerland to the north and includes part of the Alps; is a major economic centre and contains about one sixth of Italy’s population. This region is best known for its diary products, including the world-famous gogonzola cheese. The very popular Italian dish – ‘Risotto’ originated from the Lombard region.

Celebrity Chef Enrico Fiorentini (Executive Chef at the Sheraton Milan) has crafted a special menu for this fest. The menu boasts a culinary fare that includes several exotic, flavourful Italian dishes.

Some of dishes we sampled were Timbale of Stewed Lentils  – different types of lentils along with roasted pumpkin served with Almond cream velloute and Parmesan Cheese Crisp. We also tried a barley salad with garden vegetables, sprigs and pan seared sea scallops – quite good with a blending of different flavours and textures.  The star attraction however was a  seafood (crab meat) ravioli served with balsamic vinegar,  upon Parmesan cheese sauce and some basil ailio. Absolutely delicious!

Chef Enrico was engaging and informative giving us little nuggets about the cuisine and exotic tastes of the Lombardy region.

The fest goes on till the 18th of November.


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