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Shreyas Retreat – A resort with soul…

Dinner Menu

Shreyas Pool - night time

Fresh Kiwi Tarts

Shreyas is a yoga retreat located just 35 kms from the centre of Bangalore city. We go there every once in a while for a dose of rejuvenation.  Envision this –  14 cottages spread over 25 acres of coconut plantations, gardens and vegetable fields…Shreyas has been compared to some of the best yoga spots in South East Asia.

Yoga and meditation sessions are held twice a day. These are group sessions open to all the guests but you can also opt for a private  session if you want.

Shreyas is one of those very comfortable and luxurious yoga retreats. They have a wonderful library,  an infinity pool, and a theatre with a wide selection of films. Their spa offers a number of rejuvenation treatments – massages, body scrubs, masks and ayurvedic treatments.

Meals are multi-course affairs served with a flourish, though only vegetarian. The tables are decorated with flowers and candles and set up outdoors – in the garden or by the pool side. A typical continental menu would include French onion Soup and greek salad followed by Quiche, Risotto with grilled tomatoes and zuchini for main course and Kiwi Tarts or Fresh fruits for dessert (the menu on one of the nights when we last visited). The vegetables, fruits and herbs that they use are organically grown in their vegetable gardens so the food is fresh and flavourful.

There is an air of peace and tranquility at Shreyas. You feel this from the minute you set foot in the resort and this sense of wellbeing stays with you for sometime after you leave Shreyas well. It is a great place to visit to rejuvenate your spirit and energy.