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Some Vietnamese Pho’d!

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We were looking for a place to grab a bite in Indranagar when we came across this hidden gem. Pho’bidden Fruit is a small unassuming place tucked away in 12th main off hundred feet road; a stones throw from  Harbanero and just down the road from Bricklane Grill.

They serve  authentic Vietnamese cuisine as well as Vietnamese Pho. Pho is basically a soupy broth with rice noodles, beef and fresh herbs, very popular street food in Hanoi and Saigon. At Pho’bidden fruit you will also find chicken and seafood variants of the traditional beef Pho.

The restaurant has two dining spaces. The upper level was much nicer I thought with sunlight streaming through the large glass windows near the ceiling, long wooden benches and a sunken area, rather quaint in its own way.

For starters we tried their salads, Lotus Stem salad – one of the specials of the day, and the Tofu and Mushroom salad in a fresh green pepper dressing. Loved the Lotus stem salad – fresh crunchy with a mildly sweetish sauce. The tofu salad was also mildly sweetened(unexpectedly). Maybe the vietnamese touch ?

The Chicken White Curry with steamed rice was just so-so . But the Viet Red Curry was absolutely delicious. Spicy and highly flavourful  – a total hit! We also dipped into some of their Chicken Pho, the traditional Vietnamese dish. It was like a chicken noodle soup with a nutty flavour –  was not too bad but not something I’d be craving for again.

For dessert we had the Mung Bean Pudding –  layed with sticky rice, mung bean paste, strawberries and topped with a coconut sauce. Was absolutely delicious  – creamy and very rich (not so great for the waistline though!)

Overall it was a pretty good meal and great value for money – quite a find this place!