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Familiar Yet Refreshingly Different!

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“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. “Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca

Like that only in Whitefield just launched a new cocktail menu and we previewed some of these newest brews. Innovative food, quirky décor and often-irreverent take on the concept of traditional cuisine are hallmarks of this Asian bar and restaurant.  Chef Manu Chandra shared with us that ‘Whiskey and carefully selected Vodkas are as much a part of the new cocktail culture as are rums that are caramelized; along with fresh and unusual fruits, herbs and other inspirations from the kitchen. And the new cocktail menu at LikeThatOnly is a culmination of all this and more.’ So we embarked on a ‘flight of cocktails’ at LTO, landing in some pretty unusual territory like the Grape and Goat Cheese Martini or the sassy Bathtub Special!

I thoroughly enjoyed the mildly sweet Misty Morning which was Vodka shaken with rose petals, and fresh lychees. Another vodka based favourite was the LTO Tom Yum, a drink inspired by a dish of the same name. With a bevy of secret ingredients the Tom Yum was spicy, tangy and delicious all at once.

The LTO House Passion literally from the garden to the glass had fresh passion fruit pureed, watermelon and vodka. And after stirring up the senses this way we headed to a calmer place with the Basil Bliss  – a barcadi based drink.  Even a classic  like the gin and tonic was given a refreshing makeover with ingredients like  orange rind and cucumber.

If you’re wondering how we were still upright after all this its because of the bar snacks we’d been dipping every now and then and of course sipping on freshly squeezed oops! water.  Some of my favourite snacks  were the Brie tempura with plum sauce, Pork Belly on skewers, and the Spicy lambao. Have to make a special mention here of the pork belly which was absolutely scrumptious and went really well with the LTO Tom Yum. Apparently they do have some ingredients in common.

A whole lot of freshness, flavour and thought goes into each and every one of the cocktails. It’s definitely not about throwing back a quick drink but about savouring it fully and enjoying a rare, pleasurable moment at Like That Only.