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‘Foodball’ Carnival at Monkey Bar

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Monkey Bar (Wood Street) hosts the “FoodBall Carnival”, with an exclusive menu of cocktails, awesome food and a relaxed environment.  View the biggest games on two large screens transmitting the action live.Try some innovative cocktails like Banana Kick (white rum base), Indica (Gin), Boho Martini(Gin), World Cup, and Coco-Nut Chanel.

Head over early to tuck into The Carne-Val Burger – a majestic burger comprising slices of beef tenderloin, jalapenos, caramelized onions, mozzarella, mustard, spicy salsa, avocado mayo and sour cream within a sesame bun! And for the first time in Bangalore – the Waffle Pizza a one of its kind waffle-iron pizza with house-made pizza sauce, mozzarella and a selection of toppings.  Grab a chilled beer and soak in the bustling match-day atmosphere with a plate of Tequila & Lime Wings – Jumbo wings brushed with a mixture of tequila, lime-juice, fresh coriander and red chilli flakes.

Of course lets not forget the Penalty Bombs including the mandatory Yellow Card (A shot of house whiskey dropped into Beer), Red Card (A shot of Jack Daniels dropped into Ginger Ale) and Shoot Out (3 consecutive shots of a secret concoction with Absinthe). Whether you like football or not, Monkey Bar is just the fun place for soaking up some real Brazilian vibes during the World Cup.


Do try this at home!
Banana Kick -White Rum, Pineapple Juice, Banana and Orange Juice;
Indica – Gin, Tamarind, Mango Juice, Amchur, Lime Juice and Sugar Syrup;
Boho Martini – Gin, Martini Rosso, Orange Juice, Grape Juice, Lime Juice,Cucumber, Cinnamon and Elderflower;
World Cup – White Rum, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Cucumber, Cinnamon, Amaretto with an upturned pint of Kingfisher;
Coco-Nut Chanel – Malibu, White Rum, Lemon Fizz.


A Refreshing Twist on Traditional Recipes – Masala Klub

The Citibank Restaurant Week(CRW) is back again. For those who are new to this – CRW is a Pan India culinary event showcasing some of the finest restaurants in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.  Comprising of star chefs, high end restaurants and unique cuisines this is an amazing opportunity to dine in some of India’s finest restaurants at a fraction of the usual cost.

The restaurants in Bangalore participating in the CRW include well knowns like Olive Beach, Bene at the Sheraton, Masala Klub at Westend, Jolly Nabobs at the ITC Windsor. For a full list of restaurants in Bangalore click here.

We visited Masala Klub at the Taj Westend for a sneak preview of the RW menu. Masala Klub serves Indian fare with a refreshing twist on traditional recipes. The RW menu consists of a 3 course meal – starters, main course and dessert. Sometimes its great to have a set menu you get to taste several items on the menu and don’t have to bother with choosing what to order.

We started with a tangy Tomato shorba –simmered with basil and Indian spice, which was really excellent. Appetizers were a combination of a tandoori prawn, an aromatic barrah kebab(lamb chops) and a crispy vegetable kebab. The prawn was fresh and juicy and the lamb was succulent. After this a Tamarind Sorbet to clear the palate. Apparently they get their tamarinds from a  tree on the premises and hence the enhanced flavor!

The main course was served in a ‘thali’ – Murg khatta pyaz (chicken), Lasooni palak (spinach) and Allepey fish curry, home-style phulkas and steamed rice. I completely fell in love with the aromatic Allepey fish curry flavoured with raw mango and coconut. Just heavenly with steamed rice! The lasooni palak with roasted garlic was also really tasty.

Dessert was a mouth meltingly delicious – Malai kulfi with hot jamoon. And mint leaves dipped in white chocolate to finish. A fine end to a very fine meal.

Event Dates – Monday 23rd September – Wednesday 2nd October

For online bookings and all further details please visit

Ramadaan delights around the world

Ramadaan Delights

Ramadaan Delights

Chabbakla – a dessert made of fried dough flavoured with orange blossom water and coated with sesame seeds and honey (Morocco)

Shawarma – Meat which be beef, chicken, or lamb, that is roasted slowly on a spit and wrapped in pita bread, traditionally served with lettuce, tomato, and garlic sauce (Turkey, Lebanon)

Paomo  – a bread and mutton soup (China)

Ramazan Kebabl – a dish made with lamb,onions, yogurt and pita bread (Turkey)

Sherbet – the worlds first soft drink, developed in the Ottoman Empire. Made from fruit juices, extracts of flowers, or herbs and combines with water and sugar. (Turkey)

Lavash – a soft, thin cracker-bread (Armenia, Azerbaijan)

Fattoush  – a salad made of vegetables and pita bread (Lebanon and Arab countries)

Tabbouleh – a salad made with fresh tomatoes, parsley garlic and bulgur wheat (Middle East)

Khyar Bi Laban – Cucumber and Yoghurt Salad (Middle East)

Chorba – Lamb stew with tomatoes and chickpea (Morocco)

Fasulla – a stew with green beans and meat ( North Africa and Middle east)

Bamla – a stew made with meat and okra (North africa and Middle East)

Mujadarra – a dish made of rice and lentils (Middle East)

Konafah – a pastry made with phyllo dough abd cheese (Middle East)

Qatayef – a type of Arabic pancake filled with sweet cheese and nuts (Saudi Arabia, Palestine)

Ful medammes – fava beans cooked with garlic and spread on bread (North Africa)

Restaurant Week – Culinary Gala Event in Restaurants Across 3 Cities

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Imagine having a multi course meal at the finest restaurants in your city at less than half the cost. That’s exactly what the Citibank Restaurant Week (CRW) offers – Dining at speciality restaurants at much lower prices for an entire week.   The CRW is being held across 3 cities (Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi) with over 70 restaurants participating in all. This week long celebration of the culinary scene in each city allows patrons to experience some of the finest restaurants in the city through a prix fixe menu.

A fairly stringent process of shortlisting is followed. Only fine dining or speciality restaurants are considered.  The restaurant has to have a dedicated chef or be part of a recognized brand with an interesting mix of food to make the cut. ‘We generally sign on a restaurant only after we have eaten there. The special menu is decided by the restaurant and then we curate it by giving our inputs and suggestions.’ Says Nachiket one of the organisers of the event.

Restaurants participating in Bangalore include several well-known ones like Olive Beach, Sunny’s, Shiro at UB City, Graze at the Taj and LikeThatOnly  in Whitefield.  Mumbai and Delhi’s best will also be putting out their finest fare with restaurants like Magique (Garden of five senses), My Humble House – ITC, Azimuth by Blue Frog, Indigo, San Qi at the Four Seasons, participating in the Restaurant Week. ( For a complete list of participating restaurants citywise click here)

This event was put together by  ‘Desi Restaurant Week Events Pvt Ltd.’ a Mumbai based venture started by 3 friends who are passionate about and hail from the food industry –  Nachiket Shtye, Mangal Dalal and Azeem Zainulbhai. Restaurant Weeks have been popular abroad for a while but the ‘Desi’ team introduced the concept in Mumbai in 2010 with just 7 restaurants. ‘The aim was to make the event a celebration of food, where speciality restaurants in each city would showcase a selection of their best dishes and open out their restaurants to a larger audience who could dine at 4 to 5 high end restaurants in the city that week. ‘ says Nachiket. The last round held in March 2012 had 50 restaurants participating and over 6600 customers dined over the course of 7 days.

Reservations can be made online through the Restaurant week India website(www. The menus being presented by the restaurants can also be viewed on the restaurant week website.

Chef To The Gods….

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Its that time of the year when you see beautiful clay idols of Lord Ganesha lining the streets of several markets across the city – Colourful Ganeshas, earthy brown mud ones with a just a touch of gold paint and several other forms of the wise ‘remover of obstacles’. These street shops spring up just a few days before Ganesh Chathurthi – Lord Ganesha’s birthday. During this festival we invite the mighty and wise elephant headed God to our homes to bless us with his presence and partake of our hospitality. For me Ganesh Puja days usually starts around 5:30 AM. Cleaning up, and making what are known to be Ganeshas favourite foods kozhattai, chickpeas sundal and vadai, payasam. And as I was cooking this morning I wondered who had designated me as Chef to the Gods?! Quite an honour that… ‘Coz Ganesh Chathurthi is definitely a food centric festival with some sweets like kozhakattai (rice dumplings stuffed with jaggery, cocnut, sesame seeds) which are made only during this time of the year. This is also known as ‘modak’ and is supposed to be on of Ganesha’s favourite foods. Other favourites include sweets made with til, ladoos, certain types of fruits and ‘kheer’ made with sevai or even with rice.

So wish you a very Happy Ganesh Chathurthi and I will continue to enjoy playing Chef to the Gods, if only for a few days!

Fasting and Feasting during Eid – MM Road

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MM road which cuts across Mosque road in Frazer Town is all abuzz with food stalls being set up along the length of the street. The month of Ramzan – religious festival of the muslims. On offer are many Indian delicacies like  Hyderabadi haleem, varieties of biryani, Light pink falooda with the seeds bobbing in the liquid, samosas, phirni

Some stalls were decorated with rows of Indian flags – as Independence day had just gone past. One food stall had the name – Hyderabadi Haleem  Master Chef complete with the master chef logo n’ all.

So it was quite a nice experience walking down the street taking in the smells and sounds  around us.