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Deceptive Packaging!

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I was at the billing counter of my local supermarket this morning when a plastic bowl filled with little brown packages caught my eye. They looked suspiciously like small  round Diwali bombs that go off with a huge bang. But the festival of lights – Diwali is still some time away and my supermarket does not generally stock firecrackers… So I looked deeper and found that they were dry fruit laddus each one wrapped separately in brown paper (as shown in the pic) and tied with white string. Not little bombs after all but power packed dry fruit laddus made of dates, badam, cashew nuts, cardamom, ghee and jaggery! The yellow band around the centre said ‘Lakshwadeep fruits laddu’. I was fascinated enough to pick up one of them to try at home later. But the packaging  is so cute that I haven’t opened it as yet!