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Glens Bakehouse – A New Eatery


Glens Bakehouse is on 100 feet road, Indranagar next to Toit. We were passing by and decided to go in. Really quaint interiors with red brick walls, interesting decor and mellow lighting making up this newly opened eatery. They have the usual cakes, pastries, different types of breads etc. But their menu also includes wood fired pizzas, pastas, burgers and some continental dishes – so its also a good dining option as well. We stopped by in early evening so we just had a Cappuccino and a slice of Red Velvet cake. Both were pretty good.

Definitely a nice place to try out if you’re in the neighborhood.


Familiar Yet Refreshingly Different!

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“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. “Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca

Like that only in Whitefield just launched a new cocktail menu and we previewed some of these newest brews. Innovative food, quirky décor and often-irreverent take on the concept of traditional cuisine are hallmarks of this Asian bar and restaurant.  Chef Manu Chandra shared with us that ‘Whiskey and carefully selected Vodkas are as much a part of the new cocktail culture as are rums that are caramelized; along with fresh and unusual fruits, herbs and other inspirations from the kitchen. And the new cocktail menu at LikeThatOnly is a culmination of all this and more.’ So we embarked on a ‘flight of cocktails’ at LTO, landing in some pretty unusual territory like the Grape and Goat Cheese Martini or the sassy Bathtub Special!

I thoroughly enjoyed the mildly sweet Misty Morning which was Vodka shaken with rose petals, and fresh lychees. Another vodka based favourite was the LTO Tom Yum, a drink inspired by a dish of the same name. With a bevy of secret ingredients the Tom Yum was spicy, tangy and delicious all at once.

The LTO House Passion literally from the garden to the glass had fresh passion fruit pureed, watermelon and vodka. And after stirring up the senses this way we headed to a calmer place with the Basil Bliss  – a barcadi based drink.  Even a classic  like the gin and tonic was given a refreshing makeover with ingredients like  orange rind and cucumber.

If you’re wondering how we were still upright after all this its because of the bar snacks we’d been dipping every now and then and of course sipping on freshly squeezed oops! water.  Some of my favourite snacks  were the Brie tempura with plum sauce, Pork Belly on skewers, and the Spicy lambao. Have to make a special mention here of the pork belly which was absolutely scrumptious and went really well with the LTO Tom Yum. Apparently they do have some ingredients in common.

A whole lot of freshness, flavour and thought goes into each and every one of the cocktails. It’s definitely not about throwing back a quick drink but about savouring it fully and enjoying a rare, pleasurable moment at Like That Only.

A Refreshing Twist on Traditional Recipes – Masala Klub

The Citibank Restaurant Week(CRW) is back again. For those who are new to this – CRW is a Pan India culinary event showcasing some of the finest restaurants in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.  Comprising of star chefs, high end restaurants and unique cuisines this is an amazing opportunity to dine in some of India’s finest restaurants at a fraction of the usual cost.

The restaurants in Bangalore participating in the CRW include well knowns like Olive Beach, Bene at the Sheraton, Masala Klub at Westend, Jolly Nabobs at the ITC Windsor. For a full list of restaurants in Bangalore click here.

We visited Masala Klub at the Taj Westend for a sneak preview of the RW menu. Masala Klub serves Indian fare with a refreshing twist on traditional recipes. The RW menu consists of a 3 course meal – starters, main course and dessert. Sometimes its great to have a set menu you get to taste several items on the menu and don’t have to bother with choosing what to order.

We started with a tangy Tomato shorba –simmered with basil and Indian spice, which was really excellent. Appetizers were a combination of a tandoori prawn, an aromatic barrah kebab(lamb chops) and a crispy vegetable kebab. The prawn was fresh and juicy and the lamb was succulent. After this a Tamarind Sorbet to clear the palate. Apparently they get their tamarinds from a  tree on the premises and hence the enhanced flavor!

The main course was served in a ‘thali’ – Murg khatta pyaz (chicken), Lasooni palak (spinach) and Allepey fish curry, home-style phulkas and steamed rice. I completely fell in love with the aromatic Allepey fish curry flavoured with raw mango and coconut. Just heavenly with steamed rice! The lasooni palak with roasted garlic was also really tasty.

Dessert was a mouth meltingly delicious – Malai kulfi with hot jamoon. And mint leaves dipped in white chocolate to finish. A fine end to a very fine meal.

Event Dates – Monday 23rd September – Wednesday 2nd October

For online bookings and all further details please visit




blimey rest

restaurant view




We’ve been away for a while. But back now with the latest on places to eat, new restaurants, scrumptious recipes, food festivals and all the other hot ‘food khabar’

And to set things rolling  – BLIMEY!  which is not just an exclamation of surprise but a trendy new place in town.  This quirky Irish gastropub is located at the 5th level of 1 MG Road.  Ceiling to floor glass windows allow for a great view of the city especially if you sit on the Ulsoor lake side. (Quick Tip – Tables W5, W6, W7…will give you the lake view). They also have seating in the open terrace but we went for lunch so we chose to sit downstairs.

The menu had a wide array of stuff. We dived into some beer batter onion rings – an ‘Onion Ring Tower’ to be more specific. Though the number of rings for a ‘tower’ seemed pretty less (maybe 5 – 6 rings), they were pretty good.

The Fish and Chips was outstanding – fresh and light, yet crisp and golden brown! I loved it.  Served with tartare sauce and other dips which were quite nice.  We also had the Chicken Baps which is basically curried shreds of chicken in a bun with fries and coleslaw which was very good.

The menu has some other interesting stuff – Chicken Crok pot, Tuna Melt Twist, Boxty (Irish Pancakes) and some other steaks and stews, pastas,  that looked interesting. Desserts included Creme Brulee, Chocolate Marquise and of course Baileys Irish Cheesecake!

Definitely recommend the Blimey! experience.

High Noon at Monkey Bar

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‘A gastropub that promises to be anything, but usual!’ is what they say on the website. And true to their word Unusual is what you get from the word go at the Monkey Bar in Bangalore.  On a Sunday afternoon we walked into an old style bar with with brick walls, wood floors, vintage posters, some very cool coasters (which we noticed only later) and completely unconventional lights and fixtures. The booth style seating with long wooden benches were comfy and inviting. You could however miss the spiral staircase leading to the basement that houses fun stuff like a snooker table and foosball.

After a quick tour we got down to serious business – food and alcohol. The menu in keeping with the rest of the place is quirky and even a tad irreverent! The bar churns out some innovative and refreshing cocktails – ‘Mangaa’ a vodka based cocktail served in a jar (that looked suspiciously like a recycled Nutella bottle) topped with a slice of mango was brilliant – very refreshing and tangy. The lemon Margarita was pretty darn good too.  Others that beckoned were from the ‘Mobar Specials’ – Goose Bum’s, Monkey Mule, the Sangria section  – Pink Devil and White Lady. Some healthy options for a teetotaler who wanders in – Banana Nutella smoothie, fresh melon, date shake, and horlicks(!)

The Spiked Nachos with large doses of fresh tomato, jalapeno salsa,  avocado, and dripping cheese was sinnnnfullllly good. We also dug into some Prawn Balchao served with small toasts – which was not bad. The Bombay Vada Pav (with a dab of butter and ghaati masala) and the Tikki of Joy (Calcutta inspired Bhekti fish cutlets) we decided to save for another day; today we were being Bangalore loyalists!

For main course we tried the Porky Pork Dumplings ( a brothy dish ) served with potato patties and a spicy sambal which was quite good. We also ordered the Galouti Killer  – mouth meltingly soft and delicious kebabs served with pav, onions and chutney – definitely the star of the show.  The Chicken burgers however were so-so, we thought the patty was not juicy enough and a bit too dry.  Must add that most of these dishes  came from under the starter category on the menu. We did dip into something from the main course section – Jerk Chicken on rice – chicken cubes cooked in hot jerk seasoning, served on steaming buttered rice with green peas – oh so yummy!

Definitely a place to try out for the great drinks, good food and last but not least the cool coasters!

Teppan Grill and Sushi Bar, Ulsoor

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Upcoming article on Teppan Grill and Sushi Bar

Mushroom Fest at Bene – Sheraton, Bangalore

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The Italian restaurant Bene at the Sheraton, Bangalore hosts a food festival – Mushroom Fiesta. The regular menu has pizzas, pastas,and other main-courses and deserts.

The team at Bene have really gone all out  for this fest and the menu featured several exotic dishes like Open face ravioli with mushrooms, Butter sauteed mushrooms with coffee soil, Pizza fungi delight among several others. One could also spice up any dish from the regular menu with mushrooms. The type of musrooms used ranged from common varieties like Button and Oyster mushrooms, to the more exotic Porcini, Morel and Chanterelles. We sampled risotto and pasta flavoured with these different types of mushrooms. And it was interesting to see how the taste and flavour of the dish changed by altering the mushroom used. The Porcini Mushroom Pasta in white really stood out for.  It had a nutty flavour, smooth texture and was light and creamy.  Pizzas topped with Morel and Oyster mushrooms were served next – this was not bad.  An Oyster Mushroom pasta that we tried was also quite nice We ended on a fairly high note with an exquisite Tiramisu –  the flavours of chocolate, mocha, liqeour and cream blending bleanding well, creating a symphony of their own!