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The Great October Fest 2013

october Fest 2013

The Great October Fest inspired by the German Oktoberfest will be held from 18 – 20 October at Jayamahal Palace. Three days of fun-filled excitement featuring free-flowing beer,  a plethora of live performances,  shopping, games and food.

The event has grown in scale and popularity in the last few years and is one of the biggest Annual Music and Beer festivals. The artists/groups performing at the event include Mika Singh, Indus Creed, Abha Hanjura, Point of View, One Nite Stand and Skrat to name just a few. Tickets for the event are available on Bookmyshow.com


Shreyas Retreat – A resort with soul…

Dinner Menu

Shreyas Pool - night time

Fresh Kiwi Tarts

Shreyas is a yoga retreat located just 35 kms from the centre of Bangalore city. We go there every once in a while for a dose of rejuvenation.  Envision this –  14 cottages spread over 25 acres of coconut plantations, gardens and vegetable fields…Shreyas has been compared to some of the best yoga spots in South East Asia.

Yoga and meditation sessions are held twice a day. These are group sessions open to all the guests but you can also opt for a private  session if you want.

Shreyas is one of those very comfortable and luxurious yoga retreats. They have a wonderful library,  an infinity pool, and a theatre with a wide selection of films. Their spa offers a number of rejuvenation treatments – massages, body scrubs, masks and ayurvedic treatments.

Meals are multi-course affairs served with a flourish, though only vegetarian. The tables are decorated with flowers and candles and set up outdoors – in the garden or by the pool side. A typical continental menu would include French onion Soup and greek salad followed by Quiche, Risotto with grilled tomatoes and zuchini for main course and Kiwi Tarts or Fresh fruits for dessert (the menu on one of the nights when we last visited). The vegetables, fruits and herbs that they use are organically grown in their vegetable gardens so the food is fresh and flavourful.

There is an air of peace and tranquility at Shreyas. You feel this from the minute you set foot in the resort and this sense of wellbeing stays with you for sometime after you leave Shreyas well. It is a great place to visit to rejuvenate your spirit and energy.




blimey rest

restaurant view




We’ve been away for a while. But back now with the latest on places to eat, new restaurants, scrumptious recipes, food festivals and all the other hot ‘food khabar’

And to set things rolling  – BLIMEY!  which is not just an exclamation of surprise but a trendy new place in town.  This quirky Irish gastropub is located at the 5th level of 1 MG Road.  Ceiling to floor glass windows allow for a great view of the city especially if you sit on the Ulsoor lake side. (Quick Tip – Tables W5, W6, W7…will give you the lake view). They also have seating in the open terrace but we went for lunch so we chose to sit downstairs.

The menu had a wide array of stuff. We dived into some beer batter onion rings – an ‘Onion Ring Tower’ to be more specific. Though the number of rings for a ‘tower’ seemed pretty less (maybe 5 – 6 rings), they were pretty good.

The Fish and Chips was outstanding – fresh and light, yet crisp and golden brown! I loved it.  Served with tartare sauce and other dips which were quite nice.  We also had the Chicken Baps which is basically curried shreds of chicken in a bun with fries and coleslaw which was very good.

The menu has some other interesting stuff – Chicken Crok pot, Tuna Melt Twist, Boxty (Irish Pancakes) and some other steaks and stews, pastas,  that looked interesting. Desserts included Creme Brulee, Chocolate Marquise and of course Baileys Irish Cheesecake!

Definitely recommend the Blimey! experience.

Teppan Grill and Sushi Bar, Ulsoor

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Upcoming article on Teppan Grill and Sushi Bar

Mushroom Fest at Bene – Sheraton, Bangalore

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The Italian restaurant Bene at the Sheraton, Bangalore hosts a food festival – Mushroom Fiesta. The regular menu has pizzas, pastas,and other main-courses and deserts.

The team at Bene have really gone all out  for this fest and the menu featured several exotic dishes like Open face ravioli with mushrooms, Butter sauteed mushrooms with coffee soil, Pizza fungi delight among several others. One could also spice up any dish from the regular menu with mushrooms. The type of musrooms used ranged from common varieties like Button and Oyster mushrooms, to the more exotic Porcini, Morel and Chanterelles. We sampled risotto and pasta flavoured with these different types of mushrooms. And it was interesting to see how the taste and flavour of the dish changed by altering the mushroom used. The Porcini Mushroom Pasta in white really stood out for.  It had a nutty flavour, smooth texture and was light and creamy.  Pizzas topped with Morel and Oyster mushrooms were served next – this was not bad.  An Oyster Mushroom pasta that we tried was also quite nice We ended on a fairly high note with an exquisite Tiramisu –  the flavours of chocolate, mocha, liqeour and cream blending bleanding well, creating a symphony of their own!